About Us

The ServiceMaster® philosophy is expressed in our four Corporate Objectives.Since our founding in 1929 by Marion E. Wade, the ServiceMaster name has beenbuilt on these cornerstones. Continuing today, the services we provide are made possible by our commitment to these objectives.

We Are Accountable To:


Mark Mueller


As the owner of the Washington and Dodge County ServiceMaster Clean® franchise, he personifies the entrepre-neurial spirtit. His dedication to customer satisfaction is exemplified by his long-standing and ever-growing client base. Mark started his ServiceMaster Clean operation 30 years ago. Starting from the ground up, Mark began by estimating the jobs and then actually performing the work himself. This experience, combined with his strong work ethic, gave him a first-hand perspective on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Those experiences and his own defined standard of quality has now been passed on to his staff and crew chiefs. “Satisfying the customer is job one,” Mark says. “I expect a lot out of my people, but I never ask them to do anything that I haven’t done myself.”

Ryan Nehls


Ryan leads all employees in the longevity category, having been with Service Master Clean® for over 15 years. Like owner Mark Mueller, Ryan started at the bottom doing everything and working at all levels of production. “I like knowing the whole operation,” says Ryan. He used this skill set and his experience to make a smooth transition into a management position.Today, Ryan handles the day-to-day operations, interacts with customers and helps schedule the workload. Ryan’s vast experience also makes him available to jump into production if the work load is too heavy.